PBSI Group Ltd. Leading UK Manufacturers of Electrical Protection Relays, Medium Voltage Switchgear and Earthing Equipment

PBSI are designers and manufacturers of electrical and electronic equipment including electrical protection relays, medium voltage and retrofit switchgear & earthing equipment  for the global industrial and utility energy sectors.


The Group has two design & manufacturing facilities, in Manchester and in Corsham, Wiltshire.

Registered office, Boundary Street, Manchester, M12 5NG. Company No. 2030212 Cardiff



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P&B Weir would like to thank our colleagues at Alcomet for taking the time to visit us and to view our facilites here in Corsham,Wiltshire



Lessons from the Factory- The myth of unskilled labour

     Within the Manufacturing Industry, much is said of the design, the production and quality control principles. However, there is one area of which the importance is often overlooked- the Assembly section.

                A cynical mind may argue that without the intricate planning of the Designers there would be no product to manufacture, without the years of experience accumulated by the Machinists there would be nothing to assemble. Similarly without the meticulous processes of the QA team there would be no guarantee that the products would work at all! Besides, the unskilled assembly teams just put the final products together, right?

                This is fundamentally flawed thinking, which is symptomatic of a Management department that has forgotten the art of intelligent prioritisation- an uncomfortably common scenario. All is not lost however, as the issue can be easily remedied with consideration and a simple reassessment of how one views their staff.

                At P&B Weir Electrical the value of our Assembly team is utilised and recognised daily. Take for example the assembly of our Interlocking Rail Earths. These Portable Earths incorporate a complex Interlocking system which ensures that the clamp attached to the Earthing point cannot be removed before the Conductor clamp. This design eliminates a potential hazard whilst working on Overhead lines.  The upshot of this complex design is that the Earths require a high level of care and attention during the assemblage. Without the expertise and diligence of our Assembly team, products of this calibre would not be possible.

                As well as manufacturing and supplying Portable Earthing equipment to various sectors, P&B Weir also provides a repairs service on old equipment, this responsibility again falls to the Assembly team. As one may well imagine, after years of service on the field there may be a myriad of different issues that need rectifying with the returned equipment. Our assemblers will diagnose any issues and employ problem solving skills in order to come up with practical solutions and repairs. These skills are often under-appreciated by Management teams when applied by labour staff but are consistently required within day-to-day work.

                In summary, our “Unskilled”” staff encapsulate the very best elements of P&B Weir- their motivation and hard work ensure our customers’ needs are met promptly, their vast knowledge of our equipment means that any problem can be solved efficiently and their attention to detail means that all of our Earthing equipment is consistently of the very best quality. It is this simple lesson that may change the way you may view and treat your staff- all businesses must recognise the fact that no member is staff is of less importance than another, and the idea of “Unskilled Labour” is in truth, a myth.


How safe is your safety equipment?

With the continued development of Britain’s railways, and Electrification of the lines becoming a topic of much discussion within the political playing field, the onus on safety critical equipment has never been more important.

This added emphasis on the safety of OLE Engineers is of course good news, however it raises an interesting question- how can one be sure that the equipment used is of the highest quality and can therefore provide the highest level of safety?

The first step in the manufacture of high quality safety equipment is the design process. Take for example P&B Weir Electrical’s S9B Line end earthing clamp. This clamp was designed in 1969 as the first clamp to adhere to a National Grid specification for Substation earths, and with a proven track record of 46 years of service, the original design has only undergone minor enhancements. These enhancements (such as a spring loaded jaw for ease of application) were good news for the Rail industry- the S9B has provided the requirement for failsafe OHL earths across Network Rail lines for decades, and is now commonly recognised as the Industry standard.

The second factor to take into consideration during the manufacturing process is the quality of materials. An example of the importance of using only the highest standard of materials came to light from a customer who explained that they had purchased a defective product from an outside source. The product in question was a set of bolts that had sheared under strain and had understandably caused reason for concern. Experience has shown that although products appear to be of genuine quality, often the materials used can be produced without sufficient quality control and documented evidence of proven performance and testing. In the instance of the rogue bolts, this turned out to be exactly the case.

Following product type testing, technical submission and review, the manufacturing can take place. During this process stringent quality assurance tests should be performed in order to ensure the products maximum durability and performance capabilities are achieved. The J117 clamp is used across the entire UK Rail network as part of Long Earths or Short Circuiting Straps, and like P&B Weir’s full Rail product catalogue, holds Network Rail’s PADS approval codes. In the manufacturing process, the J117 undergoes no less than forty-four separate quality assurance tests- including Mechanical, Visual and Instrument tests at different stages of product fabrication. It is this fine attention to detail that guarantees the final product complies to the high standards required when safeguarding the wellbeing of Linesmen across the network.

Ultimately, the decision to purchase Safety Critical equipment for Isolation/Earthing should be based on trust in the manufacturer, never on price alone. Suppliers will always vie to be the most competitive in the market, at times perhaps jeopardising the integrity of the products. P&B Weir take pride in providing cost effective solutions- but a commitment to designing and manufacturing of high quality safety equipment that Linesmen can depend on is our highest priority.

P & B Weir Electical are please to introduce a Rail category to our website.

One of the products included  in the rail category is The Westminster Detector.

The Westminster Dectector Range of discharge Earthing rods are used  for the removal of electrostatic charge from disconnected circuits, prior to the undertaking of maintenance work.

Click on the picture below to view the Westminster Detector Earth Discharge Rod



• P&B Protection Relays open Indian office in Pune, P&B Relays and Services India.



We are pleased to announce that P&B now have a fully operational service and support centre in Pune, Maharashtra.
The office represents P&Bs formal presence in India specifically to bring us closer to existing customers and engage with new customers alike.

In 1997 the first Supervision relays were used in India and through our partnership with L&T were supplied across the length and breadth of India.
Now we are independently present in India for the first time, “India is a key market for us, we have a huge amount of relays in India and it is our duty to ensure those products and customers are fully supported through the expertise of
our own people”

+91 2025235919

3rd floor, Fourhum Centre, Off. Mumbai Bangalore Highway, Opp. RMD Sinhgad Institute, Warje, Pune - 411058
Enquiries: indiasales@pbsigroup.com
Support: relaysandservices@pbsigroup.com



P&B Weir Electrical would like to introduce our "2014" Retro fit Sparrow Plate

The new CE60 "2014" pattern Sparrow Plate is a multiple earth tower bonding plate. Maufactured in a lightweight aluminum alloy it can accomodate multiple earths. They are also provided with connections for interconnecting leads.Suitable for exclusive use of low resistance type tested P&B ferrules.

Also available is the CE84 Transmission line DrESS tee connector employing cable clamps for use with bonds having PB120F ferrule terminations,stress relieving sleeves.Additionally, a new back to back CE60 Sparrow Plate fitting kit has been developed and tested.

We have also introduced a service for refubishing  and modification of exsisting sparrow Plate to the "2014" .Please call for more information regarding this sevice.

Click on the picture below to view the "2014" pattern Sparrow Plate leaflet.









P&B Weir Electrical are pleased to announce their new enhanced design signal sighting target kit, Network Rail ref 086/011540.

Designed in response to a specific request from Network Rail to aid signal sighting in darkness through the addition of a bright white source flashing LED unit. A short bottom pole assembly has also been added to provide for sighting signals at the AWS magnet. All elements are available separately and type approved to allow simple upgrading of existing kits. Contact us for your requirements.

Click on the picture below to view the signal sighting target leaflet

PBSI is committed to invest and continually improve its products and services by placing emphasis on engineering excellence